Online Banking

Our Bank Within your Reach



Our bank is within your reach.  Whether it is from your computer or mobile phone, you can bank with us 24 hours a day.


Online Banking 

BancoSol was one of the first banks in Bolivia to offer online banking for small businesses.

Cutting Edge Technology

Our IT infrastructure is cutting age; therefore, it allows you to do transactions 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

SolNet and AppSol

Banco Sol has an objective to increase the use of digital channels through SolNet (online banking) and AppSol (mobile banking).

Up to Date

Our use of cutting edge technology allows us to keep up to date with technology improvements.



Online banking       Solnet Tutorial

pay your credit with Solnet

SolNet for persons

It is no longer necessary to go to a bank branch. SolNet allows access online to the Bank, wherever you are, without date or time restrictions.

These are the set of transactions you can perform:

  • Check your balances and transactions.
  • Change of password and transactional PIN.
  • Transfers between your BancoSol accounts.
  • Transfers to third-party accounts and accounts in other Banks (ACH).
  • National and international wire transfers.
  • Service payments.
  • Payment of credit installments.

SolNet for companies​

The technological solution for your company, regardless of its size. Security is guaranteed by assigning roles and users to account administrators. It allows the following transactions to be carried out quickly and safely:

  • Administration of all company accounts.
  • Access to daily, weekly or by date range extracts.
  • Transfers between BancoSol accounts, to third parties and to accounts in other Banks (ACH).
  • National and international wire transfers.
  • Payroll payments and supplier payments.
  • Service payments.



The bank on your mobile device​        AppSol Tutorial

pay your credit with AppSol

Download the application on your mobile device (smartphone or tablet) to make secure transactions from anywhere and with low data consumption.

AppSol allows you to perform the following transactions:

  • Transfers between your BancoSol accounts.
  • Transfers to third-party accounts and accounts in other Banks (ACH).
  • National and international wire transfers.
  • Payment of credit installments.
  • Check balances, extracts and movements.
  • Debit Card Lock.
  • Change of password and transactional PIN.
  • Services pay.
  • SIMPLE payment.

* Consult with our operators the services enabled in your region.

Other advantages

  • It allows an exact geolocation of each of our branches and ATMs of BancoSol throughout the country,utility that multiplies due to the use of Google maps.
  • Contact Us.
  • Information about promotions and exchange rates.
  • Available on Android, IOS platforms.





SIMPLE of BancoSol

Zero Cash     Simple Tutorial

Simple Payment is a money transfer of money that is made through a QR code generated in the mobile application of each bank. 

In APPSOL you must select the Simple payment option and immediately a menu of services will be displayed, showing three options: Collect, Pay and Movements.

Collect: allows you to generate QR codes that redirect money to a specific bank account. You will be asked to enter the operating time of the code, the amount to be collected, the reason for collection, the account to which you will be paid and select the option of Bolivians or dollars. You have the option to share on different platforms and social networks.

Pay: allows you to scan QR codes, through the cell phone camera, to make the payment to a specific account. Later in a next window a confirmation question will appear with the amount and the name of the collector, with the option to accept the payment.

Movements: It contains the records of collections and payments made through the SIMPLE function.


Download and enlarge your time with the Simple function of BancoSol.