Tools to Grow Your Business


It is a loan for small businesses that want to develop their business. If you are a small productive business that needs capital to grow, don’t look any further. This is your chance.




Operating capital.

Purchase of inputs and raw materials, hiring of labor and other business operations.

Investment capital

Purchase of machinery and equipment, tools, facilities, vehicles or other durable, productive or business sales goods

Mortgage for Social Housing

Total or partial purchase, construction, renovations, remodeling, expansion and improvement of the spaces where the business operates.

How much do you finance and for what long?

Up to USD250,000 or its equivalent in Bolivianos. For operating capital, the term is up to 36 months and up to 120 months for investment capital.

What is the interest?

For the three financing options, we have the best rate in the market.



How do I pay?

In fixed or variable installments, monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, semiannual or annual.

Loan Calculator 

An easy to use tool to calculate the payments on your next loan. Try it 

An easy to use tool to calculate the payments on your next loan. Try it






Each one of these loans is an opportunity to develop and strengthen your business. The

Financial technology used by BancoSol allows us to  adapt to your needs and the particulars  of your Business.


Sol Productivo

This type of loan is intended for investment capital or operating capital needs.  This loan has a target for the productive sector.        

 Sol Individual

The loan is for micro, small and medium size commercial businesses. This type of loan is idea for financing the purchase of productive housing, construction, renovation, remodeling, expansion and improvement of the environments where the business operates.  

SoI Efectivo 

It is a consumer credit of free availability for payroll or independent individuals. It covers 100% of the purchase value. The term and the total amount are adapted to the characteristics of the applicant. The consumer credit for housing requires a mortgage guarantee.

Sol Vivienda

Finances up to USD250,000 for a maximum period of 180 months for  the purchase of housing or land, construction, renovation, remodeling, expansion and improvement. This loan does not require a mortgage guarantee (antichresis, for example), you can borrow  up to Bs140,000 for a maximum of 60 months.


Sol Agropecuario

For micro, small and medium businesses in the agricultural or livestock sector that require operation or investment capital, or productive housing. It can be by Agreement (with the intervention of a payment withholding agent) or Individual for up to USD250,000.

Sol Vivienda Social

The financial solution for salary or independent individuals who want their own home. Finances up to 460,000 UFV for houses. 400,000 UFV for departments and 184,000 UFV for land. It finances the construction, renovation, remodeling, extension or improvement of the house.

Sol Vehículo

This loan allows for the purchase of a vehicle for personal use, for payroll or independent individuals. Financing is up to 60 months for 80% of the value for new vehicle and 70% for a used one.


This loan has as a collateral a Fixed Term Deposit for payroll or independent individuals, that require capital of investment or operation for production, commerce or services, purchase of vehicles, consumption or housing.