Capital Social

Social Responsibility with the BancoSol's seal


When BancoSol decided to structure in a single Program all the actions of linking and strengthening relations with the community, the course of Corporate Social Responsibility in the financial sector was defined through a path that deepened financial inclusion in Bolivia.

BancoSol's Capital Social began operating in 2010 with subprograms that have not only strengthened over the years, but have produced concrete results in society.

In addition, it established alliances with strategic partners specialized in different areas in order to extend the scope of the Capital Social Program and, thus, reach more beneficiaries through sustainable actions.

What is the purpose of the program?

With its Capital Social Program, BancoSol seeks to establish strong links with the community to encourage the formation of positive values ​​in citizens, and generate opportunities for the improvement of their quality of life.

What are your lines of action?

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Identity and Culture
  • Social Incussion
  • Environment




The CopaSol football school seeks through the practice of this sport to achieve changes in habits and attitudes of children and young people through a methodical teaching that develops values.


Through the teaching of violin, viola, cello and double bass, the ClaveSol free music schools sought to awaken values ​​such as excellence, responsibility and punctuality in children and young people


AulaSol was born with the objective of raising awareness, transmitting knowledge and developing skills among financial consumers about the importance of planning, forecasting and responsible consumption of financial products, and about their rights and obligations.


CorreSol was born in order to encourage healthy habits and healthy competition through the practice of athletics. This program consolidated the three most important pedestrian tests in the country: Cliza-Punata 13K in Cochabamba, the 11K lathe in Santa Cruz and 11K in El Alto. The three competitions benefited 20,730 athletes until the present time.




AcciónSol is a donation program aimed at people with limited resources who need financial support to cover sickness and health expenses. During Christmas the program arrived at centers of children and adolescents in a situation of vulnerability, carrying baskets and toys

Capacitaciónes Técnicas (AulaSol)

This program sought to benefit BancoSol customers and users with technical training in screen printing, carpentry, crafts, ceramics, electricity, basic accounting and business plan development. In the first year of implementation, the program benefited 2,003 people.


CSR reports

AAnnually, Capital Social reports the actions carried out and the fulfillment of goals through its Programs and actions related to society and its stakeholders, in compliance with current regulations.