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Sol Amigo Express

The most recent proposal of BancoSol to bring financial services wherever you are. You no longer need to travel long distances to make your transactions, now you can do them in shops and stores in your neighborhood.



What kind of transactions can I make?

  • Get a Savings Account balance
  • Information on credit installments and due dates.
  • Exchange rate and interest rates.

Is Online Banking Safe?

Yes. While being connected to BancoSol through a dedicated wireless network guarantees the security of each transaction.

Who operates it?

Business owners who become Non-Banking Correspondents (NBC) through an electronic Point of Sale (POS).




What are your hours of operation?

Every day of the week during business hours, which generally extends beyond typical office hours
















I want to be a Sol Amigo Express



Your debit card is the key to entering a network of 200 ATM’s distributed throughout the country that offer services beyond the withdrawal of money. The bank in the palm of your hand.

ATMs address

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BancoSol offers you a set of channels and services that become integral solutions to carry out your financial transactions 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Debit Card

It allows you to access your account in and ATM’s, in addition to making payments and purchases of products and services without additional costs. For a minimum amount, you can insure it in case of theft, cloning and kidnapping express.

Utility payments

Clients and financial users can pay all utilities in the largest network of BancoSol Service Points throughout the country.

Tax payment

With special schedules and located in strategic locations, we count with cashiers exclusively dedicated to paying tax obligations.

Insurance policy

The product that guarantees the commercial operations of entrepreneurs with the support of BancoSol. You can request it at any branch across the country.



BancoSol puts at your disposal a network of more than 200 ATM’s throughout the country to facilitate your transactions, some of these ATM’s are enabled to receive deposits.




Located in neighborhood shops these innovative Points of Attention allow you to make financial transactions without having to go to a branch.

Mobile Branch

The innovation developed by BancoSol to bring financial services to intermediate cities without them.The mobile branches of BancoSol travel through the rural area of ​​La Paz, Cochabamba and Santa Cruz.

Transfer (ACH)

BancoSol allows you to make electronic transfers from your savings account, to accounts in other banks.